Orientation - The hfk Method

How does it work?

There are 2 gameplay components:

Hired & Fired

The Hire & Fire method consists of Recognition, Reward & Consequence to influence positive behavior through play.

Hired - are the jobs that parents post, and the kids apply and complete for reward (no assigning tasks here).

Fired - are the expectations or 'house rules' set by the family that are meant to be followed. If a player is caught not following one of these family expectations they can get a warning x. Too many x's, look out you could get fired, and that goes for you too parents... 

Object Of The Game -is for the kids to finish each pay period without getting fired so they can keep their incentive bonuses and prevent their consequence from being activated.

Help your family stay on track with HFK and meet your kids where they want to be, their devices!

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Hire & Fire Your Kids

The Game of Recognition, Reward & Consequence

Hire your kids for jobs around the house and Fire them if they're caught one too many times not following a family value or expectation.


Build Self-Esteem with Recognition

Notice when your kids are doing something you like and reinforce with positive, specific feedback. Recognition builds up their confidence and self-esteem.
Don’t worry we’ll even remind you!
        You're Recognized!


Empower Your Kids to Learn the Value of a Dollar and Job Responsibility

Kids are empowered to take ownership by applying to posted jobs (no assigning tasks here) and rewards provide an incentive we can all relate to.
Redeem gift cards, replace allowance, or use points to represent rewards for payday
             You're Hired!


Reduce Your Parenting Struggle

Consequences are an important outcome of not following your family values, house rules or expectations. Use visuals, through photos, to demonstrate unmet expectations & send a warning X. The kids are motivated to minimize these X’s so that they don’t face the consequences you set together or lose out on their payday incentive bonuses.
            You're Fired!

Unlimited Features &

100% customizable to suit your family

Set Game Rules

• Set your pay period to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

• Set your recurring payday/team meeting date & stick to it

• Set your payment currency to dollars or points

• Set the number of warning X's before getting fired

• Set the not fired bonus, reward amount 

• Set the teamwork bonus, reward amount 

• Set the fire-a-parent to on or leave as off

• Set the leaderboard to on or off

• Review orientation guide then roll out & play

Gameplay Features

Unlimited Players & Unlimited Features


Parents, you can tag-a-kid to get their attention and have them contribute more around the home.


Parents, you can use nudge-a-kid as a friendly reminder BEFORE you get fed up and have to issue a Warning X. 

Kids Kash

Kids can redeem their payday earnings using the cashout feature or redeem for gift cards like Roblox, Starbucks, Walmart & more right in the app! Keep track of it all with pay stubs & payment history.

Remind Me

Kids can use the remind me feature and set personal reminders for themselves to remember to complete jobs or expectations on their own.  This saves them from having to hear mom or dad remind or nag them to do it. :)


Leading by example is a strong way to parent, if you choose to let your kids fire you, come up with what YOUR consequence will be if you do get fired...  Treat kids to ice cream, family picnic, extra media time, etc.  Be sure to discuss at your family team meetings.  :)  You can update the default setting to 'fire a parent' under game rules, this new rule will update on payday.

Family Recognition

Now the entire family can use Recognition messages to send to every player in the game.  Who doesn't love recognition, show each other some love people!

Hey Parents, here's how you play.



Send kind messages, words of appreciation, affirmation to your kids.

Recognize your kids for something they did that made you feel good.

Make their day!



Post jobs for hire.

Mark jobs complete.

Reward your kids on time at your family team meeting.

Help manage their virtual wallet.



When kids 'tick' you off give them a warning x.

Remove the warning x if kid fixes the unmet expectation.

Fire your kid if they get three x's.

Activate the consequence you set together at your last team meeting.

Parents, follow your family expectations too or risk getting fired yourself. ;)


The leaderboard was built to have some friendly competition amongst players.  We understand this may not work for all families so feel free to turn the leaderboard default from show to hide under the game rules.

Payday/Team Meetings

PAYDAY - time to reward your kids for all their hard work!


Earned rewards are automatically moved to paid rewards in the app to promote delayed gratification.


Be sure you stick to your family team meetings...  You can share what's working, what's not, discuss potential consequences for the upcoming pay period and more!


We practice loss aversion in the app.  If the kids can go the entire pay period without getting fired, they get to KEEP their NOT FIRED bonus.

If all siblings can go the entire pay period without getting fired, they all get to KEEP their TEAMWORK bonus.

Bonuses are then paid out on payday.


Kids apply to the rolling job board created by a parent and earn reward upon completion.

Parent's just set it & forget it!

Kids can set job reminders for themselves using the remind me button.  We also remind the kids too so they can complete their taken jobs on time and earn reward!

Jobs are 100% customizable!  Add your own or use our templates and customize from there.  Change the job name, description, picture, category.  Choose the due date of a job to be ASAP, repeat daily, select days or on a specific date.  You can customize the reward amount, add a job checklist, choose parent review on or off, use the filters, multi-delete and more!


Kids follow the family values and expectations set, trying not to get fired... 

Expectations could be things like "must do" chores, behaviors, manners, hygiene, family values, money management and more. 

Kids can set personal reminders for themselves using the remind me button for any expectation. 

i.e., Put deodorant on daily at 8am.

Expectations are 100% customizable!

Add your own or use our templates and customize from there.  

Change the expectation name, picture, category, use the filters, multi-delete and more!

Family Messages

Families can communicate with messages to individual players or all!  A great feature for kids without data or who use the web app.

Hey Kids, here's how you play.



Send kind messages or words of appreciation to your family.

Recognize your family for something they did that made you feel good.

Make their day!



Apply to jobs of your choice.

Complete them on time.

Earn reward!

Manage you virtual wallet.



Follow your family expectations (house rules).

Get caught breaking one & you'll get a warning x.

Three x's & you're fired!

Did you know you can fire your parents?
Same rules apply to them too.  ;)

Gift Cards

Kids can redeem their "paid" earnings towards gift cards of their choice (US & CAN only for now & parental approval of course :).  

Choose from partners like Indigo, Sephora, Starbucks, Walmart, Nintendo, Xbox, GameStop, Spotify, Disney, Barnes & Nobel & More!

Digital gift card gets sent to the email address provided and can be used instantly.


The cashout feature will reduce the kids available to redeem and you will need to reward your kids manually.  

Could be used towards family experiences, savings account, that something special, media time, pay back mom or dad, donation to charity, restart the kids pay to $0, etc.

Payment History

Players can keep track of the amount spent towards gift card or the cashout feature.

Shows the Kid name, gift card/cashout, date spent and amount.  Parents get a full view of any gift card purchase details too.