Learn more about setting up, and rolling out Hire & Fire Your Kids with your family.

Introduction & Set Up
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Game Guide - Introduction

HFK is a unique method that requires an investment in your time. Like with any game you need to know the rules before you play.  

Check out the Hire & Fire Your Kids Game Guide Instructions below:

1. Set family values and expectations

Think of your family like a business - what are the company (family) values and what is expected of every employee (family member).

Create your expectations. These are things around family values, behaviors, 'must-do' unpaid chores, hygiene, money management and manners such as be kind, hands to yourself, no yelling, wash your hands with soap, keep clothes off the floor, turn lights off, make your bed, move half your earning to a savings account, practice piano etc.

These expectations will be followed by every family member, at all times, yep, even you too parents!

2. You're hired

Then, hire your employees for extra jobs around the house! Create jobs (chores) for your kids to be hired for. They'll choose as many as they want and earn extra kids kash or fun experiences of your choosing.

If you have 'must-do' unpaid chores in your house you can make these part of your expectations, kids would get a warning X if not completed.

They'll compete to be your family's top performing employee of the month.

3. You're fired

Kids are encouraged to follow expectations if they want to be eligible for kids kash and incentives. BUT! If your kids are caught deviating from any of these expectations they will receive a warning X.

After receiving 3 X's (warnings), they are fired! Incentive bonuses are taken away and the consequence set from your last team meeting for that kid will activate, such as no tv, no device for 24 hours, no playing with friends etc.

Incentive Programs:

4. Employee of the month

Reward your kids by celebrating them as your own employee of the month. Give a special reward to the winner for the entire month. Maybe they get to pick the best seat in the car until the next payday, pick the family movie on movie night, pick a favorite cereal at the store etc.
Share your overachiever with us for a chance to be featured on our site and social media.

5. Not fired bonus

Individually, staying hired for the entire pay period is a big accomplishment. An incentive amount per kid is held at the start of a new pay period. If your kid avoids getting fired, then that amount is released and paid out on payday. Kids get to experience and practice delayed gratification.

6. Teamwork bonus

As a team, staying hired together is cause for celebration! Reward your kids with a family outing or experience (e.g. laser tag, home movie night, adventure walk, trip to the zoo), as well as extra kash for each of them on payday!

This incentive promotes teamwork and encourages the kids to remind and support each other to stay X free.

Setting up the app before play

Steps 1-7

1. Install the app, be sure to allow notifications and watch the orientation tutorial videos

2. Register a family account creating a username (min 4 letters) & 14 character passphrase (I love going for walks)

3. Set your game rules

4. Customize job template

5. Customize expectations template

6. Invite your team to play (parents set your players username and passphrase)

7. Host your 1st family team meeting to roll out HFK, and be sure to stick to your payday/team meetings!

Note: all players can use the web app version found at app.HireandFireyourKids.com on any computer or device by logging in with their username and passphrase. Ensure you “Allow Notifications” for optimal game play (we remind your kids to do their chores!)