Ready to Play!

  • PAY ONCE, then share using Family Sharing/Library to install on other devices BEFORE inviting TEAM members.
  • Otherwise, pay once and use the Web App Version for free with any computer or device at
  • Or purchase again on your other players’ devices

Object Of The Game

Object of the Game is for the Kids to finish each Pay Period without getting Fired and earn the Incentive Bonuses making them eligible for the Employee of the Month.

Kids do their best to follow the Family Values and Expectations you‘ve set together.  If your Kid is caught NOT following a Value or an Expectation by you, they're given a warning X.  After a certain amount of warning X's the Kid get's Fired.  (Option to remove an X if the Kid corrects the X immediately)

If the Kid can go the entire Pay Period without getting Fired they will receive a NOT FIRED Bonus.  

If all Siblings can go the entire Pay Period without getting Fired they will each receive a TEAMWORK Bonus. 

If your Kid does get Fired they are NOT entitled to the above Incentive Bonuses and a consequence that you set together at your last Team Meeting will activate. 

Game Rules

  • Set your Pay Period (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • Set your recurring Pay Day Date
  • Set your Payment currency (dollars or points)
  • Set the number of Warning X's before getting Fired
  • Set the NOT FIRED Bonus reward amount
  • Set the TEAMWORK Bonus reward amount

Game On!

Set your recurring Family Team Meeting day and stick to it!

Stop giving your Kids money for their wants and stop buying their wants.  Instead teach your Kids to EARN their wants.

Start playing with a Probationary Period in mind so everyone can get used to things...before getting Fired!

Kids apply for Jobs created by you and get rewarded upon completion (no assigning chores by you in this game)!

Kids follow the family values and expectations set trying not to get Fired.

Kids get Paid out on Pay Day!

Family Sharing with Apple and Google

If you have purchased the HFK App from Apple or Google you can set up Family Sharing and get the App for Free on other Family Members devices.  

Here's how:

Apple -  family sharing 

Google -  family library

  1. Pay once and install the app.  BEFORE SET UP, install it on other devices for free using Family Share/Library or just use the web version on any browser here.
  2. Before logging in you must first Register your Family Account
  3. Ensure you "Allow Notifications" for optimal game play (we remind your kids to do their chores!)
  4. Passphrase is a sentence and needs to be min 14 characters
  5. Your Team members can play by accepting your invitation, and then logging in for free on either:
    • Your device
    • Another device (must have previously installed the app via Google/Apple Family Share)
    • or they can login to the free Web version
  6. Team invites - check JUNK mail for each member's invitation to play
  7. Check for software updates. App is only compatible with iOS 9.0 and up & Android 6.0 and up.
  8. The latest iOS 13 release has been reported to be buggy and affecting various apps.
  9. Still stuck?  Search or watch our tutorials.  Or,  uninstall and reinstall the app (when in doubt, restart!)