What makes Hire and Fire Your Kids different from other apps?

There are a lot of apps on the market helping families manage chores, teaching kids about finances, and providing aid to household management, but none are doing them all. Hire and Fire your Kids is the first gamified parenting app that provides an all-in-one solution. Using the three key behavioral concepts of recognize, reward, and consequence, we are helping parents raise kids who are accountable, respectful, and financially responsible.

What does Hire and Fire Your Kids mean?

Hire and Fire your Kids means exactly what the name insinuates - hire your kids for chores around the house (reward) and fire them (consequence) if they don't meet family expectations. But HFK is so much more. We were created on the premise of recognition, reward and consequence. We strive to help families work together in achieving household goals, provide consistent recognition & feedback to our kids in a consistent, constructive way, and promote regular family face-time (not the digital kind).

How do I get started on HFK?

Download Hire and Fire your Kids from Google Play, Amazon or the App Store. You can also set up your profile and play on our web app app.HireandFireyourKids.com. A family account is created using any of the social logins or register your family account manually.

I set up my family account using a social login, what is my username and passphrase to get into the app?

You don't need one, just log back into the app using the same social login button. Simply click Facebook, Gmail or Apple to log you back in and it will take you right in to play. Be sure to use the "keep me logged in" ON.

I paid for full access to the HFK App, how do I log back in and use? 

Once you purchase full access to the HFK app you can log back into the app using the same Username and Passphrase that registered your family account OR use the same social login button if you signed up that way (click Facebook, Gmail or Apple to log back in) and it will take you right in to play.

How many players can you have on one account?

Unlimited parents, kids and more. Add your family members to your team and start playing!

How do I get my kids on the app?

Download Hire and Fire your Kids from Google Play, Amazon or the App Store.  Kids can also play on their desktop at app.HireandFireyourKids.com.  

How long does it take to set up our family profile?

Initial set-up take about 10 minutes. After that, it's minor tweaking and adjusting to suit your family.

What are the service fees for Hire and Fire your Kids?

Download for free and see what the HFK app is about and how it can help you using our "guest parent" login.  We are a Startup and have not been charging since inception for the app as we continue to tweak and make better.  December 2022, we began to charge $7.99 CAD for full access including unlimited parents, kids and features such as cashout and gift card.  We continue to work with parents and kids to improve the app as we grow and plan to improve the speed of the app as a priority for 2023.

How do I find my username and passphrase?

Every player has a username and passphrase that was set up by the account owner.  The username and passphrase details are sent from [email protected] if you wanted to check back through your emails to find.

Can I add non chores to my lists?

Yes, the Jobs and Expectations lists are 100% customizable.  We have templates that you can edit or delete to help you get started or you can add in your own to suit your family.

What do the job reward amounts start at?

Job reward amounts start at $.25 and go up to $99.00.  They are 100% customizable.

What happens if my kid marks a job complete but they didn't actually do it?

Oops, that can happen.. Best to head over to Cashout and reduce that kid's 'saved to date' account by the job amount.

Do kids actually get paid on payday? What is AutoPay?

Virtually, yes! On payday the app moves any earnings the kid made that pay period automatically from earned to paid and these payday payments sit in the saved to date/available to redeem for when you're ready to cashout or select a gift card.