“Less Stressed”

 “HFK helped our family to start a conversation about household task- sharing and really helping one another out.  It’s been a great resource to help us get organized!

From a mother’s perspective I feel a lot less stressed and bitter trying to do it all...now having the girls tasks laid  out for them with specific responsibilities outlined it’s crystal clear for us and the kids” 

Tara - 2 Girls, age 14 and 10

"Keeps Our Boys On Track"


"My son never has anything on his floor anymore, Hire and Fire your Kids has been working great!

We like the probationary period and how this month is all about awareness, as we all (parent and child) get used to the game.

We customized it to have pay day every two weeks instead of monthly - we are finding this keeps our boys on track and motivated more consistently."

Wendy - 2 Boys, age 14 and 11

"I Love The Customization"

 "As a parent I struggled with my child just to do small things like being responsible of her daily routines without me having to tell her over and over again. Her  routines were making her bed, tiding her room, setting the kitchen table,  putting her backpack away after school and taking out her lunch bag and school items to be reviewed. Now, I'm so glad to be a part of Hire and Fire your Kids!  My child actually will do her daily routines with minimal reminders. She likes the chore chart that allows her to select what she wants to accomplish as well as the parents suggestions. I like the idea where if I don't want to give her money one month we like to change it up to an experience reward instead. As a parent I love the customization ability to make it our own" 

Jay - 1 Girl age 7

"More Productive"

"Ever wonder what it would be like to have your kids willingly do their chores hassle free with no more nagging?
Every parent needs to check out Hire and Fire Your Kids!  We are going on month 2 and the kids are still engaged and my stress level has dropped as our family is becoming more and more productive around the house.  Can’t wait for the app version!" 

Monique - 2 Boys, age 13 and 10

"Game Changer"

"We implemented it into our home a month ago and have already noticed an improvement in our boys behaviour and help around the house.

Hire and Fire your Kids is an amazing family acitivity that teaches your children the importance of helping out at home and having respect for one another.

We have found it to be a game changer with our boys!"

Christine - 3 Boys, age 8, 6, 4

"Actually Shocked"

"My kids were excited to start playing Hire and Fire your Kids!  Lots of X's being handed out for month 1, but it has helped with the awareness around our expectations.  I am actually still shocked at how serious my kids are taking Hire and Fire."

Anne - 3 Boys, age 9, 7, 5

Video Testimonials

From Kids and Mom's playing Hire and Fire your Kids

Teenagers view on playing Hire and Fire your Kids



"Having a fun reason to interact with the teens that is focused on their upbringing is awesome!   I don't have to feel like a nag and they are taking pride in their own accomplishments.   What a great idea!"

Edward - 2 Boys age 15, 18

"Really Works"

"A one of a kind idea that really works for families."

Mike - 3 Boys, age 8, 6, 4

"Taught Our Kids Hard Work And Patience"

"It never occurred to me how beneficial it would be to regulate and encourage our girls ‘payday’ before HFK, much like how adults are paid for their work. It has taught our kids hard work and patience comes with rewards."

Jake - 2 Girls age 14 and 10

"Look Forward To Playing"

"I love Hire and Fire your Kids, it's working out very well for us.  We set a happy tone and make it fun, our girls look forward to playing!  As parents we are "playing the game" showing the kids our responsibilities too.  It takes a whole family to run a house and Hire and Fire your Kids is a great tool to achieve this."

Sheila L.- 2 Girls age 10 and 7

"Like The Structure"

"I am so grateful to have this system in place.  Keeps us all accountable for household chores, we all enjoy playing Hire and Fire your Kids.  Like the structure, it's working well, our son has been such a great contribution to our home. Just what we needed to get back on track!"

Sheila P. - 1 Boy age 13


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"As a Psychologist and a Bully Teacher, I think this app is really important"

As a Psychologist and a Bully Teacher, I think this app is really important to have for every parent. It really drills down the importance of responsibility, accountability, and teaching our children about expectations. It builds character and promotes strong work ethics. It helps build problem solving and organizational skills. With the advance in technology, this app is easy to use and helps parents track progress. We highly recommend it in every home. 

Dr. Kortney Peagram, Ph.D.
Bulldog Solution Inc. & Peagram Consulting 

School Programs: https://bulldogsolutioninc.com

Corporate Programs: https://peagramconsulting.com

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"I think this concept is brilliant and congratulate the Hire & Fire Your kids Team on their recent launch. Today’s parents are more time starved than ever before, with so many parents working full time jobs. Multi-tasking to keep the home in order is a nearly impossible mission unless you can get the kids to pitch in and play a role. Researchers from Bar-Ilan University in Israel and Michigan State University looked at 368 working mothers and 241 fathers who worked outside the home. Turns out, the women were on overdrive, with some even describing the hours between 5 and 8 p.m. as the “arsenic hours.” Sounds familiar? I think every family needs direction, and an easy to execute plan that works and most are desperate for an answer. Jody has found a niche that has incredible potential to change a lot of lives. I think she is really on to something here. A smart and timely program that I am looking forward to trying out!" 

Jamie MacLean 

President & Founder of Petal and Post


"Supporting our children to build independence"

"Children feel confident when they try something on their own and master the skill.  When we allow them the chance to do things on their own, we are teaching them core competency skills which is essential to lifelong success.  It’s more than just doing their chores; it's about supporting our children to build independence in many different areas and to become self-reliant individuals who can become productive members in their communities.  This app is a tool to help children develop these necessary skills from an early age."

Janet Arnold, BA Psych., RECE

Behaviour Consultant, Triple P Practitioner, HIGH FIVE®Trainer, Author, Public Speaker

Finding Solutions www.findingsolutions.ca

Author of How to explain a diagnosis to a child https://www.amazon.ca/How-Explain-Diagnosis-Child-Professionals/dp/0995975809

"Encourages Participation"

“Being able to put a system in that will encourage participation between parents and children is a fantastic feeling – the sense of organization! And you begin to notice a little more involvement and participation beyond the normal, which creates a very happy and contributing son or daughter of the family” 

Rob Ragusa

Owner of DIT Web Solutions Inc.


"This app involves so many applied behaviour analysis (ABA) principals"

"This past weekend we met Jody Swain at a local expo and heard all about her amazing, behaviour based app called "Hire and Fire Your Kids". This app involves so many applied behaviour analysis (ABA) principals including the pre-mack principal, self-monitoring, response cost, reinforcement contingencies, rule-governed behaviour and group contingencies!  The app encourages children to become responsible for household chores, while learning the value of working for rewards and working collaborative with a team. A well thought out app we are excited to learn more about it!"


Lina Pezzo and Sarah Elkami Trdina

Behaviour analysts 


"Consistent Plan"

"As a school social worker who works with teachers, parents and students, I am often asked how to help improve their child’s social, emotional and behavioral concerns. Using a consistent plan like, Hire and Fire your Kids, that focuses on positive supports, reinforcers and firm expectations, your child is encouraged to make good choices. They will begin to recognize that their behaviors (whether it be thought out or impulsive) will lead to consequences or rewards."

 Lisa, MSW, LICSW 

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