about us

"Built by families for families to 

create healthy habits and improve family culture."
CEO - Inge von Aulock, Founder - Jody Swain

Our App

A Gamified Parenting App that keeps parents and kids accountable, reduces family friction and helps moms, dads & more connect and digitally communicate with their children and teens while preparing them with household responsibilities, money management and life skills for a successful future.

Our Team

We are a Canadian, Female Led Startup founded by two moms who were fed up with battling behaviors and doing it all at home.

Our Vision
HFK is helping parents raise their kids in the digital age by building them up today to be the confident, independent, happy & healthy adults of tomorrow.

Our Mission
Our mission is to work together with families, professionals and educators to provide parents a digital tool to effectively communicate with their kids, nurture family bonds and empower those kids to contribute to their households in a meaningful way using gamification.

Meet The Hire & Fire Team

Inge is a dynamic entrepreneur and storyteller, known for innovative solutions in the tech industry. Leading as CEO of Hire and Fire your Kids, Inge blends cutting-edge technology with strategic market insights.
Inge has a remarkable track record of identifying and nurturing potential in both business ventures and individuals, particularly in the realm of Al and entrepreneurship.

Inge von Aulock


Jody is a first time entrepreneur and middle child who founded Hire and Fire your Kids because "There must be a better way."

She has over twenty years in business and consumer activities with a cross function of senior management experience in sales, marketing and operations.

Jody Swain


Lisa is our founders baby sister who has worked along side Jody since day one. 

Lisa has over twenty five years working in the software and tech industry and is passionate about graphic design. She manages all of HFK's social channels and user experience.

Lisa Swain


Cass serves as HFK's project manager, bringing a wealth of experience in SaaS sales, marketing, and community engagement. Her expertise also encompasses fostering social media growth for startups and effectively managing essential operations to support leadership teams.

Cass Demccuttac

Project manager

How It's Going

“Since the beginning, "Hire and Fire your Kids" has continued to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of our family and users. With ongoing feedback and the integration of new features into the app, we've seen even greater success in fostering responsibility and teamwork among our children.

Thanks to the app's updates, tracking progress and managing tasks has become even more seamless. Parents can now easily post jobs for hire, set deadlines, and provide rewards or consequences directly through the app. This streamlined approach has made it simpler than ever to keep the entire family accountable and engaged.

Moreover, the addition of interactive features has made HFK feel more like a game than a chore. Children can earn points and money for completing tasks, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation. The gamified elements have not only increased participation but have also made household responsibilities more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Furthermore, the financial education aspect of HFK has been enhanced with new tools and resources. Children can now track their earnings and savings, and begin the understand the differences between needs and wants when it's their own earnings. By teaching valuable money management skills in a fun and interactive way, we're helping to prepare our children for financial independence in the future.

Overall, the updates to the HFK app have strengthened our family's commitment to fostering responsibility, teamwork, and financial literacy. We've seen firsthand how these improvements have positively impacted our household dynamics and are excited to continue empowering families everywhere with the tools they need to thrive.

Join us on this journey of growth and empowerment with HFK!"

Inge von Aulock, CEO

How It Started

“Our journey began in January 2012 when our family became blended. With my husband bringing two sons into our new family and myself bringing a daughter, setting expectations across different ages and roles proved to be a daunting task. As a stepmother, I faced the challenge of disciplining my stepsons while respecting their paternal relationship with my husband. Navigating these dynamics often felt like walking a tightrope, unsure of which step might lead to imbalance.

Over time, I began to feel resentment towards the kids' lack of effort and realized I needed to take action. Recognizing that I had never clearly communicated the expectations of our blended household, I decided to hold a Family Meeting. This marked the inception of "Hire and Fire Your Kids," a system inspired by my professional background in management.

The HFK Method integrates motivation, teamwork, and financial education, aiming to prepare children for the real world. By instilling qualities like kindness, empathy, and responsibility, we empower them to become independent and successful individuals.

Upon implementing HFK in our home, the results were remarkable. The children became more engaged, self-aware, and active participants in household tasks. One significant adjustment we made was to stop giving our children money on a whim, leading to a greater appreciation for hard-earned dollars and a willingness to complete additional chores.

Through trial and adjustment, HFK evolved into more than just a system; it became a game that transformed our family dynamics for the better. We hope that by sharing our experience, other families can also benefit from the positive impact of HFK, fostering responsibility and teamwork in their homes.

Join us in empowering your family with HFK!"

Jody Swain, Founder