Gamify Parenting with Hire & Fire Your Kids.

The HFK app is an all-in-one tool that goes beyond chores to help parents raise well mannered, independent, money smart kids who feel empowered and ready to take on the world!

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Who is Hire & Fire Your Kids for?

42% of kids have a phone by age ten, 71% by age twelve and 91% by age fourteen. These numbers continue to rise each year as we delve further into the digital age. Kids love their devices, as do their parents. 

So, why not parent with your phone? 

Hire & Fire your Kids is the worlds first parenting app built to help parents; parent, and embrace this new norm utilizing technology and gamification to bring families closer together.

Whether you're a Mom or Dad HFK is for you if...

You want less friction at home & your kids to listen the first time.

You have lazy kids & want to create successful habits for them.

You want to feel in control, be less frustrated with your family & use 'no' as needed.

You want a better relationship with your kids & communicate their way.

You want your kids to help out around the home & teach them life skills. 

You want to stop nagging & eventually have your kids leave the nest.

Janet Arnold, BA Psych., RECE


"Children feel confident when they try something on their own and master the skill. When we allow them the chance to do things on their own, we are teaching them core competency skills which is essential to lifelong success. It’s more than just doing their chores; it's about supporting our children to build independence in many different areas and to become self-reliant individuals who can become productive members in their communities. The Hire and Fire your Kids app is a tool to help children develop these necessary skills from an early age."

Orientation - The hfk Method

How does it work?

There are 2 gameplay components:

Hired & Fired

The Hire & Fire method consists of Recognition, Reward & Consequence to influence positive behavior through play.

Hired - are the jobs that get posted by parents, and the kids apply and complete for reward (no assigning tasks here).

Fired - are the expectations or 'house rules' set by the family that are meant to be followed. If a player is caught not following one of these family expectations they can get a warning x. Too many x's, look out you could get fired, and that goes for you too parents...

Object Of The Game -is for the kids to finish each pay period without getting fired so they can keep incentive bonuses and prevent their consequence from activation.

Help your family stay on track with HFK and 

meet your kids where they want to be, their devices!

As Seen on

Dragons' Den - Hire & Fire Your Kids

The Game of Recognition, Reward & Consequence.

Hire your kids for jobs around the house and Fire them if they're caught one too many times not following a family value or expectation.


Build Self-Esteem with Recognition

Notice when your kids are doing something you like and reinforce with positive, specific feedback. Recognition builds up their confidence and self-esteem.
Don’t worry we’ll even remind you!
        You're Recognized!


Empower Your Kids to Learn the Value of a Dollar and Job Responsibility

Kids are empowered to take ownership by applying to posted jobs (no assigning tasks here) and rewards provide an incentive we can all relate to.
Redeem gift cards, replace allowance, or use points to represent rewards for payday
             You're Hired!


Reduce Your Parenting Struggle

Consequences are an important outcome of not following your family values, house rules or expectations. Use visuals, through photos, to demonstrate unmet expectations & send a warning X. The kids are motivated to minimize these X’s so that they don’t face the consequences you set together or lose out on their payday incentive bonuses.
            You're Fired!

Unlimited Features &

100% customizable to suit your family

Set Game Rules

• Set your pay period to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

• Set your recurring payday/team meeting date & stick to it

• Set your payment currency to dollars or points

• Set the number of warning X's before getting fired

• Set the not fired bonus, reward amount 

• Set the teamwork bonus, reward amount 

• Set the fire-a-parent to on or leave as off

• Set the leaderboard to on or off

• Review orientation guide then roll out & play


Check what our Hire & Fire Families 

have to say about us.

"I am so grateful to have this system in place. Keeps us all accountable for household chores, we all enjoy playing Hire and Fire your KidsWe love the structure it's created, it's working well, our son has been such a great contribution to our home. Just what we needed to get back on track!"

Sheila P - one boy, age 13

"It never occurred to me how beneficial it would be to regulate and encourage our girls' ‘payday’ before HFK, much like how adults are paid for their work. It has taught our kids hard work and patience comes with rewards."

Jake - two girls, age 14 & 10

"We love Hire and Fire your Kids. I have an 8 year old and this app helps him see what jobs are available and what he CAN do. He also takes responsibility for his jobs and understands the expectations in our house which is awesome! Definitely an app every family should have".

Rachel - one boy, age 8


Learn more about setting up, and rolling out Hire & Fire Your Kids with your family.

Introduction & Set Up
Help For Parents
Help For Kids    

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People pay attention to what is being measured and HFK drives daily awareness around family expectations and more, changing behaviors through play.

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Stephanie Scott B.A

Child and youth councellor, Published Canadian Children's Book Author

"I am a Child and Youth Counsellor who provides in-home support around behaviour management. When I found out about Hire and Fire Your Kids app, I was so excited to share it with some families in need. After implementing this app in their home consistently, and teaching the family about their roles and responsibilities, it had changed their home life from chaos to cooperation.
I am happy to add Hire and Fire Your Kids app to my resource collection! I am eager to share it with other families in need, and watch how it makes a positive and fun, difference in their lives."

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Dr. Kortney Peagram, Ph.D.


"As a Psychologist and a Bully Teacher, I think this app is really important to have for every parent. It really drills down the importance of responsibility, accountability, and teaching our children about expectations. It builds character and promotes strong work ethics. It helps build problem solving and organizational skills. With the advance in technology, the HFK app is easy to use and helps parents track progress. We highly recommend it in every home."