Turn chores into a game your kids want to play

Hire & Fire Your Kids (HFK) is an app that reduces family friction by gamifying chores. We restore family harmony by using behavioral science and workplace strategies to make chores a game your kids want to play.

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Who is HFK for?

Chores are your burden alone

Unmoved laundry piles and unmade beds default to you because no one else steps up. Your kids and spouse don't help, which leads to resentment and exhaustion.

You feel forced to nag

Reluctant nagging becomes your last resort, straining relationships and eroding family peace. You don't want to nag, but you're out of options.

Your kids won't listen

Without clear systems or set expectations, your attempts at communication fall on deaf ears, leading to repeated frustrations.

Your family time is a battle

Instead of cherishing moments together, your family time is overshadowed by unresolved tensions and unmet expectations.

Your family values are at risk

Constant chore conflicts not only disrupt daily life but also threaten the core values that hold your family together.

Your kids aren't ready for the real world

Lacking in responsibility and accountability, your kids may face challenges in navigating adulthood independently.

Alana mcclure

Mom of 3 


"Hire & Fire Your Kids is awesome. My 14 year old has taken over the gardening. My 12 year old is keeping her room clean (and is working on remembering to turn her bedroom light off) and my 9 year old son is asking to dust the house daily LOL!! They fight over who gets to do which job!"


Mom of 2

"As a busy entrepreneur and mother, I was looking for a way to encourage my son to help more around the house. HFK is the perfect solution. He can find jobs he’s been approved to do and hire himself to do them. Plus, the warning system is great. A simple ‘x’ on his profile for the week is a great visual reminder and I don’t feel like I’m nagging him”


Mom of 3

"HFK has completely transformed our house, and the way our family operates. Our house was becoming what I would consider a “frat house” - arguing, not respecting each other, bad language and not helping around the house. We have found HFK a great way to communicate with the boys. They have really taken to it, even going above and beyond to earn extra money for items they are saving up to buy”


Mom of 1

"My son had asked to start making an allowance but had never actually done any chores in his life. I introduced him to the app and he was so excited he did almost every job on the list that day. The next day he came home and said "what jobs can I do today?" This app is going to shake things up for parenting, I highly recommend it to all parents."

Turn chores into a game your kids want to play

No credit card necessary

How HFK  helps you

Share household responsibilities

HFK lets you post chores to family members fairly and transparently.

This means the burden of housework is no longer shouldered by one person alone, but distributed in a way that holds everyone accountable, reducing resentment and promoting a teamwork-focused atmosphere.

End the nagging cycle

By using HFK's system to set clear expectations and rewards for tasks, you eliminate the need to nag.

Use your phone, take a photo and let HFK be the buffer between parent and child.

Kids and spouses understand what needs to be done.

Tangible rewards for completing tasks motivate them to participate without being asked repeatedly.

Establish clear communication

HFK makes it easy to communicate expectations and chores.

You can set clear, structured tasks with defined outcomes, reducing the chances of miscommunication and making sure your kids and spouse listen and understand their responsibilities.

Transform family time

HFK helps turn potential conflict time into positive interaction by providing a system where family members can engage in fulfilling their tasks with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

You'll have a more harmonious family environment where you can spend quality time on enjoyable activities, not disputes.

Reinforce family values

Through customizable job and reward settings, HFK makes sure the chores and behaviors rewarded align with your family's values.

By reinforcing these values through daily tasks, HFK helps to strengthen the very foundation of your family's unity and purpose.

Prepare your kids for adulthood

HFK's real-life reward and consequence system teaches kids about responsibility and accountability, crucial skills for the real world.

As they complete tasks and earn rewards, or face consequences for inaction, they learn important lessons about work ethic and independence.


Mom of 2


"Hire and Fire your Kids has transformed the way we interact in the house. There is less complaining from my two kids and less nagging/yelling from me. We now work as a team to keep the house clean.

We love having our monthly family meetings to discuss and revise expectations and discuss how the girls want to use the points they have earned."


Mom of 1, seen here

"As a parent I struggled with my child just to do small things like being responsible of her daily routines without me having to tell her over and over again. Now, I'm so glad to be a part of Hire and Fire your Kids! My child actually will do her daily routines with minimal reminders. As a parent I love the customization ability to make it our own"


Mom of 2

"I love Hire and Fire your Kids, it's working out very well for us. We set a happy tone and make it fun, our girls look forward to playing! As parents we are "playing the game" showing the kids our responsibilities too. It takes a whole family to run a house and Hire and Fire your Kids is a great tool to achieve this."


Mom of 2

I loved that the Hire and Fire Your Kids app eliminated the need to nag or remind my kids to complete their chores or fulfill our household expectations. It encouraged my kids to be responsible and accountable with minimal effort on my end. Hire and Fire Your Kids is a really useful, sanity-saving tool for parents to have in their arsenal.

Turn chores into a game your kids want to play

No credit card necessary

Why choose HFK?

Backed by behavioral science

Picture this: chores that don't feel like chores because they're wrapped in the fun of a game.

That's what HFK is all about. It borrows a little magic from behavioral science to make tidying up, and teamwork feel like an adventure.

It's about turning "have to" into "want to," making those everyday lessons in responsibility and cooperation something kids actually look forward to.

Workplace strategies for home

HFK takes a leaf from the office playbook, introducing roles and rewards to the living room.

Think of it as the family team meeting where everyone knows their job, gets the high fives for a job well done, and learns the value of pulling together.

It's about making every day a little more about partnership and a lot less about persuasion.

Janet Arnold, BA Psych., RECE

Behaviour Consultant Positive Parenting Practitioner

"It’s more than just doing their chores; it's about supporting our children to build independence in many different areas and to become self-reliant individuals who can become productive members in their communities."


Mom of 1

"Life changing app ! So many options and room to customize. My son takes on more and more household duties while I am at work so we can have more free time together to go out or do things. Great for a single working parent to have things run smoothly for when they arrive home"


Mom of 1

"Amazing app! So easy to use. My son is feeling so accomplished and proud of himself, he's so excited every time he finishes a job. He keeps adding more and more chores to his list! I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to teach their children about responsibility, work ethic, and the value of a dollar!"


Mom of 3

"My kids were excited to start playing Hire and Fire your Kids! Lots of X's being handed out for month 1, but it has helped with the awareness around our expectations. I am actually still shocked at how serious my kids are taking Hire and Fire."

Turn chores into a game your kids want to play

No credit card necessary

How HFK works

Step 1

Set up the jobs

Add the jobs you want help with. It could be taking out the garbage, helping with the dishes, or cleaning the bathroom.

You don't have to assign jobs because your kids apply for them.

Step 2

Set up expectations

Set expectations like hygiene, manners, family values, and behaviors. Essentially, your house rules.

If your kids break house rules they'll get an "X" putting their reward at risk.

Step 3

CustomiZe game rules

Customize and save the game rules that suit your family goals.

Step 4

Add the players

Invite your kids, spouse, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Anyone you want to contribute to a friction-free family by playing the game.


Dad of 3


"4 weeks in and my girls are still excited about doing chores. And it’s little to no work on my part! I went with the suggested wages even though I thought they were high, but it’s cheaper than a housekeeper and it’s enough to motivate the kids. With this app, I feel like a super dad!"

Aaron's daughters say:

Josie: It makes me rich!! Tells me how much I’ve made in total on HFK. I like the checklist feature because I know what I need to do. I like the look of the icons and how many there are.

Hallie: It encourages us to help in the family. Says the salary before you apply for a job. Erica: I like that I can get money from it."

App Store Review

Love it!

"This app has effortlessly changed the way we run our household. The kids willingly complete chores around the house in anticipation of payday. It's a fun invaluable learning experience for the whole family."

App Store Review 

Great way to teach accountability

"Using this app has helped my young boys understand the consistency involved in getting paid. A chore = responsibility, which is a great life lesson. You don't get paid if you don't put in the time/commitment. Just like life."

App Store Review

Takes some time to set up but WELL WORTH IT!

"The kids are so excited to see the money they've earned and they actually beg to do more jobs/chores. Family expectations get clearly communicated to the kids through the app. It's truly surprising to see them correct their behaviours when a warning X is mentioned!"

Turn chores into a game your kids want to play

No credit card necessary

Why HFK works

HFK uses behavioural science and workplace strategies to motivate your kids


Recognize good behavior with positive, specific feedback. Recognition builds up their confidence and self-esteem.


Motivate your kids with incentives they care about. Replace their allowance, redeem gift cards, or collect points on pay day.


Challenge your kids with real world consequences. Every "X" is a dangerous step closer to losing rewards on pay day.

When I found out about Hire and Fire Your Kids, I was so excited to share it with families in need. It changes home life from chaos to cooperation."

Stephanie Scott B.A

Child And Youth Counsellor

"HFK is crucial for all parents, highlighting the importance of responsibility and accountability. I highly recommend it in every home."

Dr. Kortney Peagram, Ph.D.

Psychologist & Bully Teacher


Test us out for 2 weeks for free then move to a monthly or yearly plan


$5 per month

100% customizable with unlimited players & features.


$42 per year (30% savings)

100% customizable, unlimited players & features. 

Turn chores into a game your kids want to play

No credit card necessary


Mom of 1


"ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Hire and Fire Your Kids APP!!
My daughter is 11 and getting her to help around the house has been gruelling! She much prefers to be on her laptop and doesn’t give much thought to household responsibilities and chores. UNTIL NOW! I showed her the Hire and Fire Your Kids APP and she was suddenly raring to go! She spent an hour reading through jobs and asking me to add in other jobs. And she started doing them that same night. She loves being able to click the jobs as COMPLETED and see her earnings go up! And as a parent it’s not just about having help around the house it is about seeing the pride in my child’s eyes when she has accomplished a task and sees the earnings for it. The day before payday she goes into the app and looks for more jobs to do! LOL. She is working towards boarding a horse and this Hire and Fire Your Kids app is giving her motivation and inspiration to work towards her big goal. As a parent I absolutely love this app and highly recommend it to parents!!"

App Store Review

Amazing App

"This is truly a great app to teach your kids the value of a dollar, responsibility and expectations, and getting them ready for the future workforce! Thanks!"

App Store Review

Game Changer

"We have been using for 5 weeks now and have seen a huge improvement in consistency and less stress. It is fun and reminds the kids daily of chores that need to be done (no nagging). A game changer for us."

App Store Review

Made Chores Easy And Fun

"Was lost in the weeds organizing the kids' chores and sticking to a schedule. This app simplified and kept them interested in staying accountable."


What is the 'fired' side of the HFK game?

'Fired' are the expectations or 'house rules' set by the family that are meant to be followed. If a player is caught not following one of these family expectations they can get a warning x. Too many x's, look out you could get fired, and that goes for you too parents...

What is the 'hired' side of the HFK game?

'Hired' are the jobs that get posted by parents, and the kids apply and complete for reward (no assigning tasks here).

What's the difference between a Warning X and a Consequence?

Warning X's are given by players who catch another player not following one of the family's expectations or house rules. Once the maximum number of X's have been given (based on what was selected under game rules) that player gets fired, which activates the removal of the payday bonuses (shown up front to the kids) as well as triggers the parent to activate the consequence that would have been set together at your last team meeting (i.e. no media, no friends, alone time in room etc.)

What's the difference between Earned and Paid?

Earned is the amount players make during the current pay period. Once payday arrives and that pay period closeds the earned amount is automatically moved to paid in the app. It's like a virtual wallet for the kids where they can now see how much they have been paid-to-date, spent-to-date and saved-to-date. Saved-to-date is what they have in their kids kash virtual wallet to be redeemed towards a cashout or gift cards.

Do kids actually get paid on payday? What is AutoPay?

Virtually, yes! On payday the app moves any kids kash earnings the player made that pay period automatically from earned to paid and these payday payments sit in the saved to date/available to redeem for when you're family is ready to cashout or select a gift card.

What if my kid didn't do the job but marked it complete?

Oops, that can happen.. Best to head over to Cashout and reduce that kid's 'saved to date' account by the job amount.

I set up my family account using a social login, how do I get back into the app?

Simply click Facebook, Gmail or Apple to log back in and it will take you right in to play. Be sure to use the "keep me logged in" ON.

I paid for full access to the HFK App, how do I log back in and use?

Once you purchase full access to the HFK app you can log back into the app using the same Username and Passphrase that registered your family account OR use the same social login button if you signed up that way (click Facebook, Gmail or Apple to log back in) and it will take you right in to play.

What are the service fees for Hire and Fire your Kids?

Download for free and see what the HFK app is about. Use the "guest parent" login to poke around or try the free 2 week trial to see if it's a tool that will work for your family. We are a Startup and have not been charging since inception for the app as we continue to tweak and make better. March 2024 we launched our subscription model at $5.00 a mont or $42.00 for the year. 

What do the job reward amounts start at?

Job reward amounts start at $.25 and go up to $99.00.  They are 100% customizable.

Can I add non chores to my lists?

Yes, the Jobs and Expectations lists are 100% customizable. We have templates that you can edit or delete to help you get started or you can add in your own to suit your family.

How do I find my username and passphrase?

Every player has a username and passphrase that was set up by the account owner. The username and passphrase details are sent from [email protected] if you wanted to check back through your emails to find. Account owners may have used a social login rather than setting up a personal username and passphrase and would log in using that same social login button.

How many players can you have on one account?

Unlimited parents, kids and more. Add your family members to your team and start playing!

What happens at the end of my free trial?

When your free trial expires all the data you've entered and customized will be deleted. To continue using the app with your customized updates you must subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan before day 15 arrives (by day 14, 11:59pm).

Google Play Review


"Honestly, I have tried so many apps for my family to organize chores and it's such a headache. I feel like this app clearly sets the expectations for your kids and teaches them so much in regards to initiative. I've never seen my kids so eager to do chores!"

Google Play Review


"Excellent tool to help kids become independent and take responsibility for helping around the home. Very customizable and user friendly. We had a family meeting and setup chores based on everyone's input which definitely helped us."

Google Play Review


"My kids and I absolutely love this app. It's easy to follow, easy to use & my kids are playing along so well. As a single mom with 2 boys I was having trouble to get my kids to listen & do chores. This definitely did the job. I recommend it to all my mom friends when I talk to them. 

Turn chores into a game your kids want to play

No credit card necessary