Our Values

Our Purpose


Because we care and love our Kids.  We want them to be successful, well rounded people able to function in the world.  We are their parent, teacher and coach - not just their buddy.  It is our job as parents to teach them how to contribute and be more responsible. Starting in the household by having them be an active team member is a great way to achieve this.

Our Values


Vision: To help parents raise their Kids to be more responsible, independent and to provide some sanity to the home along the way.

Our Family Values: To raise our Kids to be kind, caring, confident, compassionate people who are polite, respectful, responsible, grateful and love themselves and others.

What are your Family Values?

Our Mission


To teach Kids what the household expectations, chores, hygiene and manners are.  Motivate the Kids to follow them with recognition, reward and discipline.  Enabling the Kids to learn the value of a dollar and be able to take care of themselves and/or others when out on their own in the “real world”.

We Believe



By giving our Kids the opportunity to be contributing members of a team through daily JOBS and EXPECTATIONS, research suggests we're preparing them to be successful individuals in the real world. Our game-like system at Hire and Fire your Kids is a fun and effective way to achieve this. 



As parents we need to nurture strong family bonds and teach our Kids to be responsible, independent and accountable individuals. 



 Becomes your Kids' primary income stream.  Kids decide "to play or not to play".  

Replaces your Kids allowance, no more money given at whim, helps YOU keep your sanity!

Helps Your Kids:

  • Take initiative 
  • Feel accomplished.
  • Learn to be kind and respectful.
  • Be a team player.
  • Learn the value of a dollar.

Family Values and Goals

What traits do you want to see in your Kids?

Will your Kids be ready for the real world?

Will they change the world for the better?