Before You Start

Steps 1-6

Pay once and set up Family Share/Library to download onto other devices for free.

Apple –   Apple Family Share
Google –   Google Family Library

Or, pay once and use the web version for free for other players.

Must create a family account before attempting to login.
Each player will need their own Username and Passphrase.

1.  Pay once and install the app.  BEFORE TEAM INVITES, install it on other devices for free using Family Share/Library or use the web version on any browser here.

2.  Register a Family Account; complete Family name, Username (min 4 letters) & 14 character Passphrase (I love going for walks)

3.  Load Job template. (edit/delete later by sliding left)

4.  Load Expectations template. (edit/delete later by sliding left) 

5.  Set your Game Rules (will only change to what you set on the upcoming pay period which is Friday)

6.  Invite your Team to play (you will set your players Username and an invite gets sent to them to play and create their own Passphrase. 

  • NOTE: you MUST use Family Share/Library to download the HFK app to your players devices for free BEFORE you invite them to play.
  • OR: with one purchase, all players can then use the WEB version for free at on any computer or device by logging in with their username and passphrase.
  • Ensure you “Allow Notifications” for optimal game play (we remind your kids to do their chores!)
  • Passphrase is a sentence and needs to be min 14 characters
  • Team invites – check JUNK mail for each member’s invitation to play
  • Your Team members can play by accepting your invitation, and then logging in for free on either:
    • Your device
    • Another device (must have previously installed the app via Google/Apple Family Share)
    • or use the free Web version
  • Check for software updates. App is only compatible with iOS 9.0 and up & Android 6.0 and up.
  • The latest iOS 13 release has been reported to be buggy and affecting various apps.
  • Still stuck?  Search or watch our tutorials.  Or,  uninstall and reinstall the app (when in doubt, restart!)